When You Need a Towing Service in Kern County, We're Right There for You!

Do you have a clunker and need cash quickly? Then sell your junk car to us! 


Get a fresh soda for every service.

Tow Truck and Roadside Assistance Available
in Bakersfield and Surrounding Areas

Does your car no longer run? Are you far away from your home or a mechanic shop?

Give us a call; we’ll go right to you as quickly as possible to town your vehicle to where you need it. 

Know that Your Car is in Great Hands

We tow any type of vehicle or object.
We know the region well and go to you in minutes to get you off the freeway or away from a secluded area.
You don’t have to wait hours for a tow truck to arrive for your car.
Quick and honest service with the quality you deserve.
Our clients will always be our top priority.
Over time, our client’s testimonials are our best guarantee.
We offer the right price, call us for a free, no-obligation, quote.
We are known for our friendly and cordial treatment.

Tow Truck for Autos, Trucks, and Vans

We’ll tow to your home, to a mechanic show, or even just enough to get you off a busy highway so you can repair any minor issues, such as a tire change or filling up the gas tank. We give you an excellent road assistant, if you need it.

Contact Us!
We Speak English and Spanish.

We are here to help you tow your car, truck or van, or if you need it provide you with a professional and confident roadside assistance.

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